I currently work as a Visual Designer on the agency side of Popsugar Inc. I typically service 40+ unique clients and 80+ campaigns a year. While things can get hectic from time to time, speed and process-efficiency is how I thrive.

Most of my day to day is turning client creatives into fun, high-CTR HTML5 ads that live on Popsugar.com as well as our social media verticals.

Other client projects often include mobile rich media ads, dedicated emails. standard banner media, social media takeovers; anything digital—I can do it, or I’ll be sure to learn within the week.

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LVMH / Sephora
I get this from the client:

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PVH / Guess
I get this from the client:


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The real joy I find in my work at Popsugar is maximizing the efficiency of processes. As these sorts of large-scale projects tend to pass through a swath of different teams before going live, it’s important that all designers are employing the best file preparation techniques in order to prevent any hiccups when we pass the baton to our Engineering or Ad-Ops counterparts.
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