The infinite possibilities of digital design have created corporate neurosis where companies feel this weird compulsion to reinvent their “identity” and buy new $20,000 custom fonts every few months. Yet, if I made the world’s best digital ad using a font suitcase worth the price of a small house, but the ad doesn’t load fast enough to make an impression, it’s completely worthless. Without function, design loses its purpose. In this nauseous cycle induced by rebrand culture, function has died to form, and now form is the function.

This site is my attempt at allowing function to define form by materializing the design philosophies of local business signage:


This site is currently using a system font, probably Arial. I borrowed CSS animation code from jxnblk on GitHub. Nothing on this site requires JavaScript except four short lines of code to trigger the menu. Images will load as compressed .WebP on most browsers for maximum pageload optimization. Safari on desktop AND mobile will load web-optimized .png files at a slower speed. Two WordPress plugins are in use: W3 Total Cache for site caching and Really Simple SSL for SSL/security configurations. Site is functionally responsive at all sizes until screen reaches a total width of 250px.

Never trust a digital designer whose site loads slowly.