Two-term former Senator Mike Gravel was drafted by two teenagers to run a presidential protest campaign against the American war machine. I had the incredible honor of joining the campaign as a senior advisor.

I managed all brand, social, web, and programmatic creative assets across 50 state-level operations, as well as personally producing all of the major creative assets for the national campaign, including the website and logo.

The goal of the Gravel campaign was to be disciplined in our messaging and unrestrained in our execution. I wanted every creative asset that came out of this campaign to make people look twice and look closer.

I believe we achieved that goal.


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Brand + Alternate Logos*
*The first two alternate logos were produced by John Loxterkamp, my main creative strategist.

end ALL wars what is it good for anyway gravellian politics all over the midwest
*Poster 2 → Photo by Eric Kelly; Left Forum 2019 Booklet Full-Page Ad → Lettering by John Loxterkamp

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Social Media
We got a lot of press — most of it was about how we used social media.

I produced all the creative social assets for the national campaign accounts. By the time we suspended the campaign, our follower totals neared a cumulative 170,000 across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook — all gained within a four month period.

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Paid Media